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Getting in My Own Way

Hello all!  What a beautiful fall day in Alabama!  It’s the mid point of October, my favorite month!  I love to see the changes from summer to fall – the leaves turning warm shades and hues, there’s a crispness in the air that is energizing!  Humidity has taken a little vacay (yay!).  Plus a lot of my favorite people have October birthdays!

I’m reflecting on the year so far and it’s been pretty awesome when I think about it!  But, I had to think about it.  I’ve been busy thinking of the stuff I haven’t done that I wanted to get done, and the year is running out, and trying to figure out how I’m going to do everything I want to do before the holidays really kick in.  Panic mode!  I’m actually getting in my own way – yep all me getting in MY WAY!  Guilty!  Time to stop and redirect!

Great things that have happened this year  – A LOT when I think about it!

New classes, new students, new friends, and new partnerships – corporate groups, meditation center, girl scouts, bridal showers, birthday parties, Sunday school groups, Andrea Lucas’ Studio in Irondale, and most recently Vestavia Hills Library.  I taught a couple of week long adult art camps this summer that were a blast!  One was art journalingArt Journal class photo        Class photo 1 Class Photo 2 Class photo 3

So much fun!!

I made friends and learned bunches of new stuff at Tangle U in Santa Fe, and I made a dress without sewing in Judith Dios’ Felting Clothing Workshop in Maria Paracca’s Studio, and this weekend 24 of my follow CZTs from the Southeast are coming to town for a get together!

Personally, I have spent more quality time with friends and family this year, than I have in many years!  A week in New Orleans with Laura (working but still a blast), a week in Santa Fe with my mom – then I stayed at my parents for over a week when we returned, time in Kentucky celebrating my brother’s wedding, a week in Mexico visiting Marion with Chatham and Walt, visits from the Knights and the Orrs, a Point Clear getaway with my sweet hubby, time in Louisville with Anne, Lou, and the Knights, and in Illinois meeting Sylvia’s and Bryan’s sweet baby girl Gemma, a few more days with the folks – it really has been an incredible year!

IMG_4737 IMG_5774[1]

Yay – I’m in a really happy place right now and amazed by how incredible my life really is!

So getting in our own way – we all do it!  For me sometimes it’s spending a lot of time and energy trying to figure out how to get more hours in the day, or I will spend a lot of time trying to figure out how I think I need to do something.  An example – I thought it would be really cool to do more carved pottery.  So I began thinking about patterns to use in the pottery and had some good ideas, then I decided what I really needed to do was to find a 3D printer and scan the drawings in and get them different sizes and made in a way I could stamp the same image on different size plates and platters.  So I spent about a year trying to work out the 3D printer thing, and it finally hit me recently, I could have hand carved a lot of plates in the time I spent getting in my own way about the 3D printing.  So folks, it’s hand carved pottery for me 🙂


All that to say, when you’re having a “moment” check yourself to see if you are getting in your own way. It sometimes happens – look at that year I spent time and energy trying to work out something, and could have been doing it.  So try not to get too caught up, and practice releasing.  For me, when I catch myself getting in my way, I say “Ok, God, this is yours – you tell me where I need to go next” – and I usually have to remind myself that I gave it to Him and to let it go.  Just find what ever helps you release and let go.  It does help to think about the good things you have going on too 🙂

Take care – Darla

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Life's a journey and it might as well be fun! I love to create and design. I'm a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), a potter, and I love to work in alcohol inks and nuno felting. I think and overthink a lot of things, I just try to be authentic. Come along and see what's on my mind!

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